I’m your farmer, and I care about you.

As I write this, disruptions from COVID-19 are rippling through all aspects of our lives. It is surreal, strange, and scary. I sat down to write to you to tell you a few things. I want to buoy you if you’re feeling scared or need help, and spur you on to help others. I care about you. We are here for you. We need you.


I am your farmer/neighbor/friend, and I care about you.

If you need help, if you need someone to talk to but you’re not sure who, please call or email me. I will figure out how to help. We’re all in this together, and I really care about you. nellamaesfarm@gmail.com, 541-910-4098.

You are needed right now.

There are folks have lost jobs and wages; who can’t leave their houses to get what they need. I challenge everyone to adopt one neighbor or friend and integrate them into your thinking as you cope with this situation.

Who do you know without family near by? Who do you know with underlying health or mobility issues? Who do you know who works at a restaurant or other closed business?

Find out what this person may need, and keep checking in. Things are changing and it is hard to ask for help.

If we all adopt someone into our lives right now, we will build community resiliency for whatever is to come.  Building more connections now can help you and your neighbors in the future with problems big and small. And when the danger has passed, you will be more integrated and connected in your community. Think of all the potlucks, holiday cookies, and stories you’ll reap by sowing neighborliness now.


What we’re doing in Cove

On Friday a group of volunteers sent out a letter to everyone in our Cove zip code. The letter states support for our neighbors and offers a list of resources. Folks can sign up for help or to volunteer online, by phone, or by mailing the letter back to us at the farm. Volunteers will adopt neighbors who need support, and keep track of them as we ride this whole thing out.

Cove School District is offering free breakfast and lunch to anyone in Cove Monday through Friday starting March 30th. Meals are available for pick-up and home delivery.

Cove Ascension School took everything out of their pantry and kitchen and made a food pantry on the front porch of their office. It is open to everyone. The Cove Methodist Church is still running the food pantry on Tuesdays and the 4th Saturday of the month.

We opened Nella Mae’s Farmstand on March 27th (very early this year) to provide easier access to food. We have limited supplies of greens, but we also have plenty of eggs, bread, baked goods, coffee, tea and a box for people to share free supplies and food.

Let’s make this easier on each other.

In my last blog post, I gave many suggestions on how we can make things easier on each other. Check it out here.

I wanted to add one more suggestion:

Let’s make this easier on each other by practicing resiliency in our thoughts, deeds, and words. It may be easy to feel trapped in your home, barraged by bad news, thinking your neighbors don’t care about you. But mostly, your neighbors do care about you, regardless of your politics or your past rows. Your farmer cares about you too.

Instead of acting out a bleak Hollywood apocalypse movie, let’s take advantage of this forced slow down to make things better.

  • Let us mend some fences and build some bridges;
  • Let us reroute catastrophic thinking and start taking days one at a time;
  • Let us be impeccable in our on and off line language to perpetuate compassion and cooperation rather than fear and mistrust.
  • Let us keep our cool. We cannot all flip our lids at the same time–we have to take turns. (I might claim Tuesdays if you don’t mind. 🙂

We’re in this together.

My best to all of you.

Your farmer,

Nella Mae