For home gardeners


Here are some resources developed by Nella Mae’s Farm to help folks with gardening and other skills. We offer regular classes at the farm, at local restaurants, and on Zoom.

Anyone can access all our garden handouts and class recordings here. Handouts include:

  • Tomato pruning & trellising
  • Natural Weed Management for the Home Gardener
  • Better Grazing for more Pasture
  • Starting Chicks
  • Early Season Gardening
  • Garden Planning
  • Understanding Soil for the Home Gardener
  • Natural Pest Control for the Home Gardener
  • Irrigation for the Home Gardener
  • Fall Gardening

Other resources for home gardeners:

  • Local Ag Extension service and Master Gardener program. Click here for Extension resources and to find your local Extension program in Oregon. Click here to find your local extension program elsewhere in the US.
  • Books
    • Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler
    • How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons
    • Putting Food By by by Ruth Hertzberg, Janet Greene & Beatrice Vaughan
    • Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving by Judi Kingry, Lauren Devine & Sarah Page
  • Chelsea Green Publishing. This publisher has an extensive and excellent roster of books on gardening, homesteading, food preservation and more.
  • Garden Answer YouTube channel. An wide-ranging gardening channel made by locals in Ontario, Oregon. Great for folks living in the arid west.

For current & Aspiring Farmers

Nella Mae’s Presentations & Articles

  • “Tips for New & Beginning Farmers” presentation
  • “Is a Farmstand Right for you?” presentation
  • “Practical Farm Finances” in the April 2021 issue of Growing for Market magazine
  • “Starting a Farmstand” in the May 2021 issue of Growing for Market magazine

Books, Magazines & Growing Guides

  • Growing for Market magazine
  • Sustainable Market Farming by Pam Dawling
  • The No-Till Revolution and The Greenhouse & Hoophouse Growers Handbook by Andrew Mefferd
  • The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman
  • Cultivating Customers by Simon Huntley
  • Johnny’s Select Seed farmer library

Conferences & Classes

  • Oregon State University Small Farms Program and Small Farms Conference
  • Rogue Farm Corps intern & apprenticeship programs
  • Rogue Farm Corps Changing Hands program for land holders & land seekers
  • Cornell University Small Farms Program


  • No-Till Market Farmer Podcast by Farmer Jesse
  • Profitable Mindset Podcast by Charlotte Smith
  • Young Farmers Podcast by the National Young Farmers Coalition