Ordering grass-fed beef

Here at Nella Mae’s Farm, we offer grass-fed beef in the fall. Spring is the time to put down a deposit on your beef for fall.

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How it works: Customers purchase by the quarter, half or whole animal.  That means you get all the cuts from that quarter animal (steaks, burger, roast, soup bones, dog bones, and some organ meat if you want.) We arrange the on-farm slaughter and meat processing. After two weeks, we’ll let you know when your beef is ready to pick up in mid to late October.

Customers pay by the carcass weight. The finished product weight is 55-65 percent of the carcass weight. Customers also pay a slaughter fee and for the cut and wrap of the meat.

What you get: Actual quantities vary based on the size of the individual animal and cuts you request. Every butcher varies somewhat based on their style and processing facilities. You will make cut choices based on options provided by the local butcher. By rough example only, each quarter receives (on average):

  • Steaks cuts: 1-2 pkgs each New York, petite sirloin, rib steaks, flank steaks, eye of round, tri-tip, filet mignon, prime rib, chuck
  • Steak cuts: 2-3 pkg each T-Bone, top sirloin
  • Roast cuts: 1 pkg each tri-tip, sirloin tip, London broil
  • Pot roasts (arm, chuck, shoulder): 3-4
  • Rump roast: 1 pkg
  • Brisket: 1 pkg
  • Stew meat: 3-4 pkgs
  • Kabob meat: 3-4 pkgs
  • Short ribs: 2-4 pkgs
  • Ground beef: 20-25 lbs
  • Soup bones: 2-3 pkgs
  • Heart, liver, oxtail, tongue & dog bones upon request

A Quarter Beef ranges from 100-200 lbs hanging (carcass) weight, $4.75/lb, or about $475-$950 for the quarter. Slaughter fee is included, but you pay the cut and wrap fee, currently $0.70/lb. You get 65-120 lbs of meat for your freezer.

A Half Beef ranges from 200-350 lbs hanging (carcass) weight, $4.70/lb, or $940-$1,650 for the half. Slaughter fee is included, but you pay the cut and wrap fee, currently $0.70/lb. You get 130-230 lbs of meat for your freezer.

Butcher Shop: We use Hines Meat Co in La Grande as our butcher. Customers pay the cut & wrap fee which is currently $0.70/lb. You have a choice of vacuum packed or wrapped in brown paper, which is what I recommend.

How much freezer space do I need? A quarter beef requires approximately 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space or the majority of the space in the freezer of a standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer. A half will require a small chest freezer and should easily fit in a 7 cubic foot model.

 Deposit: A $100 non-refundable deposit is due in April for fall beef.

Contact Nella Mae for questions or to sign up. 541-910-4098 or nellamaesfarm@gmail.com