What to do with Basil

Breakfast ideas: 1) Bagel, cream cheese, garlic powder & basil; 2) Fried/scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, sun-dried tomato & basil on top; 3) Fried eggs, chorizo sausage, basil scramble with avocado


Lunch ideas: 1) Grilled cheese with tomato & basil; 2) Turkey, provolone & basil; 3) Add to a BLT; 4) Ham/prosciutto, mozzarella & basil sandwich; 4) Blend basil with mayo to for any sandwich!


Dinner ideas: 1) Add to ANY pizza (frozen, homemade, takeout!); 2) Grill chicken with basil, tomato, olive oil; 3) Broil French bread with slice of parmesan, basil, tomato, olive oil for bruschetta; 4) Caprese salad with tomatoes, basil, grated mozzarella, olive oil; 5) Lemon, basil & shrimp pasta; 6) Broil salmon with basil, lemon, oil; 7) Add to pasta, chicken, or fruit salad; 8) Add to cocktails!

Spring Spinach/Kale, Basil & Strawberry Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Nella Mae’s Farm Seasonal Recipe

Adapted from Rachel Ray recipe


2-3 cups spinach or chopped kale

1 ½ c fresh strawberries, ½ c fresh basil leaf

½ stalk green garlic or 1 shallot

Juice of ½ lemon, 1 t fine sugar

2 T of balsamic vinegar , Salt and freshly ground pepper

If using kale instead of spinach, chop, add 2 t of white or apple cider vinegar and “massage” with your hands for 1 min. Chop garlic/shallot and put in small bowl with vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, salt & pepper, set aside. Hull strawberries and cut in half. Toss spinach/kale, basil leaf and dressing and serve immediately. Does not keep well.